8 Best Methods you can try to Get rid of Eyelid skin tag

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Harmless skin tags typically have stalks. Skin tags are more common in the neck, armpit, and vaginal folds.

Though rare, eyelid skin tag removal may occur. Most skin tags are innocuous; however, eyelid tags may irritate or blur vision. Unattractive or vision-impairing skin tags may be surgically removed.

8 Valuable methods for removing eyelid skin tags

Useful Home remedies

See your dermatologist and eye doctor for clearance before removing a skin tag from your eyelid. 

Infections and other medical procedures might result from improper skin tag removal treatments.

Vinegar for Apple Cider

Scientific data is equivocal. However, anecdotal evidence suggests that apple cider vinegar could reduce skin tags. Because of its acidity, it might cause chemical burns and skin irritations.

On sensitive areas, such as the eyelid, use apple cider vinegar with caution.

Nonprescription medicine

OTC treatments include eyelid skin tag removal equipment and essential oils. These methods are unsafe for eyelid skin tag removal since they weren’t developed.

If your eyelid skin tag hurts, use an OTC painkiller like acetaminophen or Advil. A cool compress may relieve eye discomfort.


Size matters regarding skin tags; eliminating smaller ones at home could be more accessible. The tag may be clipped out with cuticle scissors if its base is thin. 

A sterile thread or dental floss wrapped around the base of certain skin tags may be used to remove them. When this procedure stops blood flow to the skin tag, it can slip off.

Eyelid skin tag medical therapy

Dermatologists have extensive knowledge of eyelid skin tag removal, making their offices the ideal choice for this procedure. The recommended method will depend on the size and location of the skin tag.


When a doctor ligates a skin tag, they tie off its base to stop blood flow. The tag usually comes off a few weeks later.

Medical procedure

A doctor will numb the region before surgically removing the skin tag from the eyelid using either a scalpel or medical-grade scissors.

Electronic surgery

During electrosurgery, a skin tag may be heated and removed. The base of the skin tag may be burnt to reduce bleeding after removal. 

Wrapping it up:

There is currently no way to avoid getting eyelid skin tags. It’s impossible to predict whether a skin tag will develop, although a balanced diet and lifestyle may lower risk factors, including obesity. Take this thing seriously, and don’t forget to consult an expert ophthalmologist. 

Contact an ophthalmologist immediately if you find a lump in your eye. If lump will last for long time then it will be serious problem. An expert should inspect any lumps, even innocuous ones like eyelid skin tag removal, as they might still block vision.

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