Lab Grown Diamonds 1 Carat Price: All the Facts You should Know

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Grown diamonds have actually sought a new place in the jewellery industry as the new and cheaper type of stones than mined ones. As individuals are giving more attention to these gems, folks would like to know the price of the asset which may be common in 1 carat size. This all-encompassing guide asks and answers multiple questions concerning lab grown diamonds, specifically focusing on What Determines the Price of Lab Grown Diamond?: 1 Carat Lab Grown Diamond Benefits and Drawbacks: Comparison with Natural Diamonds. We shall also meet physical and passage inquiries to guide you in your decision making process.

What are Lab Grown Diamonds?

It is also commonly referred to as synthetic diamond or man-made diamond, this one is made through a series of technological processes that mimics the physical process that natural diamonds undergo. These are chemically, physically and optically identical to natural diamonds They come out as fully natural diamonds. They are produced in two main ways: HPHT and CVD High pressure high temperature and chemical vapour deposition techniques.

Price Range as Applicable to 1 Carat Lab Grown Diamonds

Lab grown diamonds 1 carat price depends on the above-discussed factors and will be cheaper compared to earth mined ones. You may also need to take note that the cost may vary and may range from $1000 to $3500 on average. This is usually about 30-40% cheaper than a natural diamond, which makes engagement rings made with such stones considerably cheaper to most people.

The Advantages that one Gets when using Lab Grown Diamonds.


  • In the case of demand, synthetic diamonds are relatively cheaper as compared to natural diamonds to enable the buyer to get a bigger or better quality of diamond that he/she wants to buy.

Ethically Sourced

  • Exempt from the vices that characterise diamond mining and sةhese include exploitation of labour and adverse effects to the natural environment.

Environmental Impact

  • Laboratory grown diamonds are produced without using tremendous resources, as mining; therefore, they have a significantly lesser negative impact on the environment.

Quality and Variety

  • More variety in the colours and quality, which means clients can get a shirt in the quality and colour of their choice.

Diamonds Grown in Labs and Natural Diamonds Comparison


  • It is pointed out that there are no differences in the physical characteristics of both lab grown and naturally mined diamonds. When one cannot differentiate between them using the senses they are part and parcel, forget about using simple things like microscopes or binoculars.


  • Thinking of client satisfaction the natural diamond is more favoured for they maintain high value when compared to lab created diamonds but the difference is reducing as lab created diamonds gain market acceptance.


  • Lab grown diamonds are, yes, the winner, period, in regards to sustainability; meaning that the practices used in the production of these stones have less impact on the environment and society. 


1. Are the synthetic diamonds which are made in laboratories real diamonds?

 Yes, lab grown diamonds are also genuine diamonds that tend to be equivalent to mined diamonds. They share all the essential characteristics of natural diamonds in terms of mechanics, chemistry, light transmission, and appearance.

2. Diamonds created in laboratories endure how long?

Same as other natural diamonds the lab created diamonds are as hard as it is possible and if dealt with nicely they will last lifetimes.

3. Can diamonds produced in laboratories be insured?

The topic of the article is whether it is possible to insure lab grown diamonds. Yes, lab grown diamonds are also eligible for insurance just like a natural cut diamond.

4. Are diamonds created in laboratories worth selling?

They do have resale value although not as high as those of natural diamonds are often provided in the case of analysed diamonds. Lab grown diamonds are giving new dimensions to this as people are becoming more aware of its existence.

5. How are diamonds created in laboratories certified?

As for the quality, they are graded by such institutes as Gemological Institute of America- GIA and International Gemological Institute-IGI, which grade natural diamonds.


Lab grown diamonds are an excellent environment friendly substitute for natural diamonds especially in the market which aims at providing stones at lower prices. Lab grown diamonds are cheaper than natural stones with prices for 1 carat lab grown diamonds being much lower compared to natural diamonds and this is what makes them highly valuable and worthy to be purchased without lowering the standards of quality and appearance. This gives lab grown diamonds a reason to be considered whenever you are shopping for a purchase such as an engagement ring and another celebration.

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